7 Secrets of Akshay Kumar’s Fitness

I have always been fascinated by Mr. Akshay Kumar’s commitment to fitness. I always wonder how this superstar, amidst all his fan following and glamour, keeps fit at the age of 53.

After researching his life and his daily lifestyle, I have found out 7 secrets of Akshay Kumar’s ultimate fitness. No wonder, even today, he can walk on his hands ( hand walking).

Even after spending almost 30 years in Bollywood, today Akshay Kumar’s physical fitness is as good as any person of the age of 30-32 years. But, it is important to understand the hard work and dedication behind it, the discipline that Akshay Kumar has shown to keep himself fit over all these years is not easy.

Akshay Kumar’s fans have always followed his fitness and diet regime. Akshay Kumar has always firmly believed to stay fit and healthy in a natural way. For this reason, recently, Akshay Kumar has shared many of his fitness tips on social media as well as press and electronic media and motivated thousands of his fans to stay fit. Let us discuss these 6 secretes and understand how he is so fit.

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Exercise Regularly.

Akshay Kumar has been a fitness buff from the very beginning of his career in the ’90s.  He doesn’t believe in exercising in a set pattern or routine, he feels that exercising in a set pattern is boring and monotonous, hence we know that he is not a big fan of going to the gym or a fitness center.

He tries to mix his workout and try to do different kinds of workout every day. He makes his workout routines a lot more adventurous and fun. He loves playing basketball, practicing kick-boxing, practicing yoga, swimming, and lots of martial arts.

He believes, that our body should not get accustomed to one kind of exercise routine, he says that varying your exercise routines and doing it amidst nature has multiple health benefits. He workouts 45 minutes to 1 hour, 5 to 6 times a week.

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Last meal of the day at 6 PM.

Akshay Kumar feels that the timing of his diet is the biggest secret of his fitness. He believes that no food should be eaten after 6 pm in the evening. He has said on many occasions that,  that we should not eat food after the sun sets, according to him, this principle is written in our scriptures. Therefore, if you also want a personality like Akshay Kumar, then you can change the habit of eating food after 6 pm.

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No Late Nights!

It’s difficult to believe, but it’s true that Akshay Kumar on most occasions avoids late night outings and parties.

He makes sure that he hits the bed between 9 to 10 PM. Akshay Kumar for many years follows the principle of sleep early and rise early. Hence, if you have the habit of late-night parties, watching TV, or playing with your smartphone while in bed, it’s time to change this habit.

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Wake up at 4 AM

Waking up in Brahma Mahurath has many positive health benefits. Akshay Kumar gets up every day at four o’clock. His colleagues and co-actors always say, that when they are returning from parties, Akshay Kumar goes for a jog or is exercising.

One of the reasons why Akshay Kumar wakes up at four in the morning is that we get fresh air, secretion of the hormones is at its pick, which is very beneficial for our health. Therefore one should try to get up early in the morning.

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Only salads at night

As an actor, due to shooting or other commitments,  it is not always possible to eat at 6 PM. So, instead of eating a heavy meal late at night, he prefers to eat salad or any fruit before going to bed. It’s proven by Science that eating light at night is very beneficial for health. It also keeps your digestive system strong.

So, in order to stay fit and avoid aging, you should also try to eat only light food late at night. Without getting into what is considered light, you can simply have a salad instead.

He also advises to control your salt and sugar intake; the lesser you consume sugar and salt, the healthier you are. He insists on drinking plenty of water every day.

No Alcohol

Akshay Kumar does not consume alcohol. Actually, consuming alcohol causes many health issues. Not only courses health problems, but it also affects face tone. So, Mr. Kumar advises not to consume alcohol at all, for overall fitness and healthy and glowing skin.

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Disciplined and Healthy Lifestyle

Akshay Kumar says that following the rules mentioned above is not enough. It is important to follow them every day without fail. He also says that you should meditate for at least half an hour every day in the morning for a peaceful mind after your workout routine. Meditation helps in reducing stress levels.

He has also told his fans in many interviews that by inculcating the above rules in your life, you will feel rejuvenated, energized, and more active within a few days. Akshay Kumar firmly believes that, by inculcating these habits and by making small lifestyle changes, anyone can achieve their fitness target.

In the end, You are such a great fitness and acting icon for our country. You have inspired past, present, and future generations. We wish and pray all the very best for you always.

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