Cardio or Strength Training | Which is Best for your Heart

What is Cardio and Strength Training?

Traditionally and somewhat unfortunately, Cardio is always preferred over strength training when it comes to heart health. Cardio is a type of aerobic exercise, during which our body uses more oxygen as our heart rate increases while doing this kind of exercise. Whereas, strength training is more beneficial in strengthening bones and muscles.

People with toned bodies or fitness models or bodybuilders regularly perform weight lifting exercises, whereas cardiovascular exercises are done in moderation for perfect results. According to some recent studies, cardio is not as good for our heart health as it is considered to be more than strength training.

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Heart Health

According to one study, a strength workout is as beneficial for cardiovascular health as is cardio. The study, published in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 2019, also clarifies that the risk of stroke in people who do at least one hour of strength training every week decreases by 40 to 70% than those who do not exercise.

Before coming to the present conclusion, the researchers analyzed the exercise habits of about 13,000 people. The average age of volunteers who participated in the study was 47 years. The volunteers who participated in the study were not suffering from any type of cardiac problem.

Strength Training and Heart Health

Many researchers have concluded that if a person workouts once or twice in a day, then it does not matter that they must exercise 150 minutes every week. The researchers also concluded that exercising for an hour every week doesn’t have any additional effect on an individual’s heart health.

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Studies show the connection between weight lifting and heart health

There have also been many studies in the past, showing the link between weight lifting and cardiovascular health. According to one study, strength or weight lifting actually helps you to reduce the type of fat from the body that is considered dangerous and is associated with cardiovascular problems. This fat known as visceral fat is present inside the tissues surrounding the internal organs and strength training works better to get rid of this kind of fats.

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Other Benefits of Strength Training

Weight lifting is not only beneficial for your heart and muscles but also has many other health benefits. According to a study published in June 2017, strength training done for even one hour a week can reduce the risk of developing metabolic disorders by up to 17 percent. Metabolism-related disorders include high cholesterol, high blood pressure,  high blood glucose, and diabetes.

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Strength Training and Cardio (Which is Better for Heart Health)

For a good heart and overall health, your exercise regime should include both cardio and strength exercises. A balanced combination of both exercises under the supervision of a professional/personal trainer will help you improve your overall health.

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