Five Things You Need To Know About Push Ups Today


Exercise can transform your life to any extent. Exercising regularly not only makes you fit and healthy physically but mentally too.

Now think, which exercise comes to your mind when you start your physical journey or you are beginning your workouts after a gap.

Which exercise comes to your mind if you want to start your workout routine at home or in the garden or you have joined a gym for the first time? It is the most simple, yet effective exercise that one can do anywhere.

The Answer is: PUSH-UPS

If you have not done or known about a push-up, let me tell you it is one of the best and perfect exercises for you, no matter what your age, gender, or what your fitness level is.

Push-ups unarguably are the best calisthenic exercise. In this blog article “Five Things You Need To Know About Push-Ups Today”, you will learn perfect form and technique, variations, and some useful tips to perform a perfect push up. 

Push-ups are the most ideal exercise for the upper body, which utilizes the body’s own load to strengthen upper body muscles as well as core muscles like chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, back, forearms, abs, etc.

1.Here, I have listed 10 reasons why one should definitely do push-ups:

1. It targets almost all upper body muscle groups than some other body-weight exercises.
2. The form of the exercises is such that it doesn’t put excessive pressure on your joints, so you won’t feel any agony or pain after the exercise.
3. Fifty reps daily are equivalents 2 hours of workout routine.
4. As mentioned earlier, these exercises are so simple that anyone can do it.
5. Even people weighing more than 100 kg can perform it.
6. You can do this exercise anywhere like a park, garden, gym, at work, or at home.
7. With just 30 minutes of push-ups a day, you will keep yourself fit and healthy.
8. Doing this exercise regularly will yield great results, after a month or two you will see development in your arm muscle size and mass, you will lose as much as 5 pounds and your pectoral muscles would be firm and in great shape.
9. Strength of your Arms will improve a great deal.
10. You will achieve your fitness goal with very little exertion.



2.Step by Step Guide for Push up

1. Place your palms firmly on the ground, hands shoulder-width apart or a little wider
2. Legs placed together
3. While inhaling, bring your body towards the ground
4. Without touching your chest to the ground, keeping your back straight (don’t arch)
5. While Exhaling push yourself back to the starting position and repeat the movement

3. 4 Important Tips for mastering the perfect form of doing push-ups:

1. If you are a beginner and the traditional push-ups mentioned above, is difficult to perform, then you can do knee assisted push-ups. Your starting position and breathing will be similar to the conventional push-ups but your knees should touch the floor.

Further, if knee assisted push-ups are also difficult, particularly for ladies or people having shoulder, arms, or back injuries can perform wall push-ups.

Stand two feet away from the wall and palms on the wall, hands shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Bring your body closer to the wall by bending your arms until your face is around 2 inches away from the wall. Push yourself to the starting position.

2. While doing push-ups, remember not to contact the floor with your chest. The movement while lower the body should be controlled, stop when your chest is 2 to 3 inches away from the floor, and push up. Initially, to practice this you may keep some object like a book or block or brick below your chest, which will indicate how much lower you should go.

3. To improve and develop the strength, try to improvise every couple of weeks, keep changing the placement of the hands, placement of legs, pace of the push-ups, etc.

4. If you are a beginner it is advisable to take the advice from a trainer or a senior who knows the perfect form and technique of push-ups. In case you are doing push-ups at your home or workplace try doing it in front of a mirror, check your form.

1. Your elbows should be fully extended at the beginning and end of the movement
2. Inhale while going down, exhale while pushing up
3. Your legs, hips, and back should be in one line don’t arch your back
4. Your eyes should be looking straight to the floor during the entire set.

4. 4 Push-Ups Variations

1. Decline Push-Ups: In this variation, your legs should be placed above the chest level. You can place your legs on an elevated platform like a bench or aboard. This variation of push-ups targets your upper chest, a clavicular portion of the chest, and your shoulders.
2. Incline Push-Ups: In this variation, the level of your chest is higher than your legs. Place your hands on an elevated platform and perform the push-ups, this variation targets your lower chest.
3. In this variation, your hands are placed wide than the shoulder width, which targets the outer part of your pectoral major muscle.
4. Your hands are placed under your chest, i.e. inside the shoulder width which isolates the sternal head and triceps muscles.

5. Other advance level push ups variations, which make this wonderful exercise more challenging are

1. Clap Push-Ups
2. One Hand Push-ups
3. Spider-Man Push-Ups
4. Eccentric Push-Ups
5. Diamond Push-Ups
6. Weighted Push-Ups


So, We hope, this article “Five Things You Need To Know About Push Ups Today” will help you with your push ups whatever your fitness goal is whether it is weight loss, build muscle, or preparing for some sports. As now we know Push-Ups is the most perfect and simplest exercise to perform. You should incorporate the push-ups into your workout schedule.


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