How to do Bench Press with Perfect Form

The flat bench press is one of the most fundamental, dependable weight lifting exercise one will ever perform. Not only it is viewed as the best chest exercise, however, this dependable compound lift additionally hits your shoulders and triceps muscles with great intensity, How to do Bench Press with Perfect Form, is your step by step guide to ace this compound lift.

More often than not, Bench Press is among the very first weight lifting exercise that a first-time gym-goer or person who has started any kind of fitness regime figures out how to execute first. So in case you’re a beginner, prepare yourself to learn the correct way to bench press now; and soon you’ll be producing reps with heavy pounds utilizing truly amazing form and technique.

If you are an intermediate or advanced level weight lifter then you most likely know why this exercise is essential to building a powerful chest.

You’d be astonished to learn that many lifters with long periods of experience do this exercise incorrectly consistently; the outcomes are considerably less lifting capacity and high risk of injury.

Benefits of Doing the Bench Press

  1. It tones many upper body muscles such as arms, pictorials, shoulders, etc.
  2. Performing Bench-press regularly increases the strength of your upper body.
  3. It improves Upper body Muscular endurance
  4. Bench Press helps many athletes to improve performance in their respective sports.

Read this blog article carefully to figure out how to perform the Bench Press with correct form and technique. If you consistently practice the bench press as detailed out in this article, you’ll rapidly ace this old fashioned exercise and get excellent rewards in terms of strength and health.

Step by Step Guide to doing Bench Press

How to do Bench Press with Perfect Form and Technique – Read the steps carefully

  1. The Setup. You’ll require a flat bench with a rack attached or separately place behind the bench, some Olympic plates, and an Olympic bar.
  2. Lie on back on the Bench, eyes straight looking to the bar, feet place on the floor
  3. Bring your shoulder back and shoulder blades squeezed together. By squeezing the shoulders in the bench your shoulder would be stable while lifting which means more control and force.
  4. Grip the bar firmly slightly outside the shoulder width your fingers touching your thumb. Unrack the bar and keep your arms completely straight, bar straight in line with your upper chest area.
  5. With the bar unracked, ensure you are in control of the weight before lowering the bar towards your chest.
  6. While breathing in, lower the weight smoothly in a controlled manner, to just above your nipples. 7. Just pause for a second and without bouncing or jerking the weight, press the weight away from your chest as fast as possible while breathing out.
  7. Extend your arms as straight as possible, pause for a second again breathe in and continue with the next repetition.

Some Useful Tips to improve your Bench Press

The Bench Press exercise is a simple and most useful exercise for building the strength of your upper body, however, many experienced athletes somehow do it wrongly and injure themselves. The following tips will help you to do this exercise not only correctly but improve your one lift max.

  1. It is always smart to start with lighter weights. Starting with lighter weights, you will be able to control the weights and get used to perfect form and technique. Once you are confident with the technique you can go heavier.
  2. Always place your feet firmly on the floor, not only in the beginning but through the movement. This will keep you stable throughout the set and give you the necessary support in the last few repetitions.
  3. Arching your back can significantly improve your bench press strength if the form is correct. Make sure to squeeze your shoulder into the bench. This will help you generate power not only from your arms and chest but also from your shoulders and upper back.
  4. Keep your gluts on the bench throughout the set. Also, contract your gluteal muscles through the reps – This is basic for protecting your lower back from injury.
  5. When you have lowered the bar down to your chest, your arms will form a 90 degrees angle. If your arms are not forming this angle than your grip is either too wide or too narrow.
  6. Keep your elbows tucked in. Those lifters, who keep their elbows out like chicken wings not only loose some power but also risk the shoulder injury.

Who can Bench Press? Is it right for you to Bench Press?

The Barbell Bench Press Exercise is a compound exercise that works wonders for All Levels of lifters. Be it beginner, intermediate, or advance, anyone performing this exercise benefit largely with improved upper body strength.  The reason is simple it is a complete upper body strength and muscle endurance building exercise.

Bench Press Variations

Flat Bench Press is a basic compound fundamental exercise, however, there are many variations do this exercise

  1. Incline (For Upper Chest) and Decline (For Lower Chest Muscles) Bench Press, these variations hits different parts of the pectoral muscles.
  2. The flat bench press can be done on machine or smith machine
  3.  Some lifters make the variations in the grip to hit various parts of the chest.
  4. You may vary the angle, which is the axis of the movement of the bar.
  5. Narrow bench press variation not only ht the pectoralis but also your triceps and forearms.
  6. Bench Press can also be done lying on the floor.
  7. Some Athletes enjoy doing Flat, Incline, and Decline Benchpress with dumbells. This particularly helps if one of your arms is weaker than the other.


In case you’re new to lifting, this exercise is very crucial to start your fitness and muscle building journey. Keep in mind to perform this exercise under the guidance of your trainer, to begin with. Once you master the correct form and technique, you are free to go heavy.

However, In case you’re an intermediate or advanced level lifter, be certain that you’re taking maximum advantage of this exercise by consistently checking your form and technique.  Likewise, keep changing weights, reps, and sets and challenge yourself every now and then in order to break the plateau and keep growing. Hope you will reach new heights as far as bench pressing is concerned after reading this article “How to do Bench Press with Perfect Form”

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