How to Fix 6 Common Exercise Mistakes People do

This article is for those fitness enthusiasts, who feel that they are not getting as much benefit as they should after exercising. Yes, it’s very common. You are making some simple easy to fix mistakes during your time at the GYM or while exercising at home.

Exercise is very very crucial for general fitness. It not only keeps us fit physically but also mentally. But it is also important to know whether the workout regime you are following is actually benefiting you or not?

Sometimes, unknowingly people do some small and avoidable mistakes, which do more harm than good to their bodies.

Are You also doing these mistakes? Let us discuss these mistakes in detail.

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Common Exercise Mistakes

1. Exercising empty stomach

Unless your trainer/coach has specifically prescribed a workout empty stomach, you should never exercise on an empty stomach. If you are fond of exercising and you exercise on an empty stomach then this is your biggest mistake. Food is an energy source, and you need the energy to do exercise so if you exercise an empty stomach you will feel weak and tired which may lead to illness.

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2. Not stretching before and after Exercising.

People who exercise regularly at a GYM or at Home generally do not stretch before or after exercise. This can be fatal for you. Stretching your body before the exercise would warm the muscles and increase the blood flow and make them ready for the grilling session. It reduces the risk of injuries, while you are strength training.

Hence doing light cardio followed by some dynamic stretching is very important before you begin your workout. Stretching during the workout and static stretches after the workout is equally critical as it cool downs your muscles and keep them flexible.

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3. Do not take a healthy diet

People often do this mistake. Not taking a balanced, nutrient-rich healthy diet not only after exercise but as part of your lifestyle is big big mistake. Friends, If you are not getting the desired results even after exercising, it is because of the lack of nutrients in your diet.

It is important to understand that good health and fitness diet is, if not more, equally important.

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4. Inadequate Rest

Resting your body after exercising is very crucial as your body recuperate while you rest. If your schedule includes the exercise of 1 hour then it is crucial to get good sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per day. Because your muscles repair themselves while you sleep. Good sleep will keep you rejuvenated, agile, and stress-free all day.

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5. Incorrect Breathing

How you breathe during exercise plays an important role in achieving the desired outcome. You may be breathing every day since your birth, but many people hold their breath while exercising. First, If you hold your breath while you exercise you will get tired quickly.

Second, our muscles need oxygen while we exercise, that’s why we breathe heavily while doing cardiovascular exercises. Hence, take the help of your trainer to understand how to breathe during various types of exercises.

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6. No variations in workouts.

People generally do the exercises, which they are comfortable with. For achieving the desired result it is important to bring in variation in our workout. We need to challenge our bodies on daily basis to gain strength and improve our fitness.

The body gets used to the exercises which we do every day, keep on changing the workout routine, intensity, and style for maximum results.

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Along with exercising regularly, a healthy lifestyle and a good diet are equally important.

If you are not getting the desired results, even though you exercise regularly it is time to introspect, take the help of a qualified personal trainer. Don’t give up, it’s not the exercise, but the way you are doing it needs to be changed.

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