Running or Walking, Choose the best for you

Which exercise is more beneficial – Running or Walking? In this blog article “Running or Walking, Choose the best for you“, we will understand the advantages of these two exercises and how to choose, which exercise suits your fitness goal the best.

Walking and running are both excellent cardiovascular exercise. Both are very popular among those who want to lose weight and those who do not like going to the gym. But if you try to find out which is better, running or walking then it will be a difficult choice to make as the intensity in doing these exercises are different.

Between these two, walking is a low impact activity while running can be a challenging workout for your body. Which exercise is better for you, totally depends on your fitness goal.

Here we have tried to explain the difference between running and walking so that it would be easier for you to choose the right one.

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Health Benefits of Walking and Running.

Both walking and running more or less provide the same health benefits. However, the major difference between these two is the number of calories burned. Both are good for your cardiovascular system, helping with the flexibility of your muscles and improve your mood. In addition, they can increase your stamina, strengthen your immunity, and help you manage chronic diseases.

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Which exercise is better to lose weight – running or walking?

If your sole aim is to reduce excess fat, then running is the best option as it helps to burn more calories. Walking can also burn calories, but comparatively running is better. For example, a person weighing 72 kg can burn 600 calories by running at 5 mph (mph).

If you want to maintain your healthy weight, then walking for 30 minutes daily is enough. A 54-pound pedestrian burns 133 calories by walking at a normal pace for 2 miles. You can increase the number of calories burned by increasing speed, here it is important to understand that brisk or walking fast is equally effective.

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Which exercise to choose?

If you have recently started exercising and your primary goal is to lose weight, it is better that you start a weight loss journey with walking and gradually increase your speed and start brisk walking. Once, you are comfortable with yourself and have lost some weight you think of running and that too 2 or 3 times a week.

Once you have achieved your weight loss goal, you can reschedule your exercise routine and include brisk walking or running as per your personal trainer’s advice twice or thrice per week. You can also try to run or walk in intervals which can help you burn a huge amount of calories.

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Which Exercise is Good for Older People, Running or Walking?

If you are above 50 or suffering from a heart problem or joint and muscle pain, then walking or brisk walking is better for you. Running is a hip-effect activity meaning it puts joints of your body under tremendous pressure, which can make your condition worse.

You cannot lose weight by just running or walking (Cardiovascular Exercise). You will have to include strength training in your workout routine along with a proper and nutrient-rich diet. it is equally or in fact more important to include healthy and nutritious food in your diet and cut your calorie intake to reach your weight loss goal.

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