Guidelines for first time Gym Goer

GYM & Fitness Industry is booming, many folks of different age and sex are going to the GYMS. Following are the Guidelines for first-time Gym Goers,

Here, in this article, we will also try to answers Frequently asked questions by the First time GYM Goers.

To start with the Guidelines for first Time Gym Goers.

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  • First, you should always look for a GYM near to your home which makes it easy for you to travel every day without any breaks.
  • Second, when inquiring, First-time GYM Goers should check the qualification/certification of trainers, fee chart, quality of equipment, cleanliness, and ambiance.
  • Finally, when walking around the gym, be sure that everything is not too crowded. Once it gets busy and people are all off doing their own thing, you don’t want to be distracted during your workout.
  • One more thing, just check the emergency plan of the GYM, in case of an emergency.

Some Dos & Dont’s for the First Time Gym Goers.

  1. You should always carry Clean Gym Shoes (Not the shoes used outdoors) Napkin/Towel and Water Bottle without fail.
  2. Appropriate sports clothing must be worn in the gym.
  3. Your behavior should be decent and polite towards trainers, staff other Members and in accordance with the Gym polices.
  4. Please wipe down all equipment after use. You would also like to workout on clean equipment.
  5. Use deodorant/spray/perfume while exercising in the GYM.
  6. All equipment (free weights) must be kept in its allotted space after use.
  7. Members are advised not to drop/throw the weights on the floor especially if GYMs are located on the upper floors.
  8. Any changes in health conditions should be made known to the GYM ASAP.
  9. Gym Goers should avoid carrying bringing valuables (Cash, Jewellery, etc) in the GYM, no GYM Management would take responsibility if it’s lost or stolen.
  10. Gym Goers are advised not to use Cell Phones on GYM Floor (except referring online daily workout). In case of urgency, use the same in the reception area.
  11. Electronic Gadgets (Cell Phone, Pads, Pods, etc) Should not be charged in the GYM.
  12. It is very important for GYM Goers to follow advise of your GYM/Personal Trainer as far as your daily workout routine, diet and nutrition is concerned, further, Sr. Citizens, People suffering from chronic illness, children and pregnant women should make sure that the workout and diet given to you meet your health conditions, it is preferable to consult your health care provider before starting or changing your work out routine.
  13. GYM is not a social club where you go for socializing, focus on your workouts, a good workout should not take more than 1 to 1.30 hours max.

Youtube Video on Checklist to Choose the Best GYM for Yourself

Is it your first time to the GYM/Fitness Center? Not sure on what to do? whom to ask questions?

Guidelines for the first time Gym Goers will give answers to all your Questions… Keep reading

Some FAQ’s by First Time Gym Goers

What is “Fitness”?

Physical fitness is defined as ‘the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies.

Is warm-up and cool down before and after workout necessary?

Warm Up – Best way to Start your Workout

Warm-up makes your workout feel smoother, prevents injuries, and helps your body move efficiently from a low to high metabolic state. You can also include some flexibility exercises as part of your warm-up. After you’ve warmed up a bit, stretch the muscles that you will use during the activity or which you know are tight.

Cool-down is a gradual reduction in the intensity of your activity. This helps bring blood that has been sent to the working muscles back into normal circulation.

What are the fundamental key fitness components?

  • Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning – Good for Heart and Lungs
  • Strength Training and Muscular Development – Muscular Growth and Bone health
  • Stretching – Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons – Prevents Injuries and Increases Flexibility
  • Core Stability – ability to support your spine and keep your body stable and balanced
  • Nutrition and Supplementation – You are what you eat
  • Mental Rest and Relaxation – Good for Overall physical and mental development.
  • Sleep – Good for Recovery

What is cardiovascular health? What should be done to achieve cardiovascular Health?

Cardiovascular health is the health of the heart and blood vessels. For this, a person should perform various cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercise is any activity that involves the large muscles of the body (especially the legs) in rhythmic and continuous in nature, (as opposed to stop-and-start) which challenges your heart and lungs to work harder.

What are the benefits of cardiovascular exercise?

Cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise increases your energy and stamina, helps control blood pressure, improves your blood lipid profile (cholesterol), and helps you burn extra calories to maintain an ideal weight.

What is the best way to lose fat?

The simple (and complex) answer is that there is no “best way” to lose fat. In this Guidelines for first-time Gym Goers, we feel each person will respond differently to a training program, depending on Activity, Profession, Age, Eating Habits, and Body type.

However, Activities that incorporate many muscle groups and are weight-bearing use more calories per minute and are therefore better suited for fat loss than non-weight-bearing activities that do not use many muscles. Hence a combination of strength and cardiovascular training with a healthy diet is the key to fat loss.

Women will look muscular if they lift weights.

No, it’s false, Women produce about 5 to 10 percent the amount of testosterone men do, limiting their muscle-building potential when compared to men, in fact, According to a new study published in Obesity, strength training is better at helping women lose fat compared with cardio.

While aerobic exercise burns both fat and muscle, weight lifting burns almost exclusively fat. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body expends, hence the more fat loss.

If I lift weights, will I get bigger muscles?

It depends on three basic factors: genetics, gender, and training intensity. Genetics is mostly manifested as muscle fiber type; people with predominantly fast-twitch fibers acquire larger muscles more easily than people with predominantly slow-twitch fibers.

In relation to gender, males acquire larger muscles than females do, because males have greater amounts of testosterone and other sex hormones that influence protein metabolism.

Training intensity is the only factor you can control. If the training goal is hypertrophy, the load lifted should be at least 80 percent of the one-repetition maximum (1 RM), as a general. Consult your trainer for more information.

How do I get a flat stomach?

Genetics plays an important role in whether or not you can obtain a flat stomach or a “six-pack”. Having said that, in this Guidelines for first Time Gym Goers we suggest two types of exercise: strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

The abdominals is just like any other muscle group: For their definition to become visible, they must grow larger and the fat that lies over them must decrease.

Should I Do Cardio or weight training first?

It depends on an individual’s goals. If the primary goal is to increase aerobic endurance or lose weight, then a person should perform cardiovascular exercise first.

If the primary goal is to increase muscular strength, then a person should perform strength training first. Basically, in order to get the most out of the workout, a person should perform the most important type of exercise when he or she is not fatigued.

Do I need to take dietary supplements?

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, most people lack proper nutrition for various reasons. Generally speaking in this Guidelines for first Time Gym Goers we strongly feel that a person does not need dietary supplements unless he/she has a documented vitamin deficiency or they do not eat a balanced diet. It is always healthier to acquire vitamins and minerals from food than to obtain them from a pill.

The few supplements whose muscle-building potential is supported by research (e.g., creatine, whey protein, glutamine, etc) are effective for elite athletes who have undergone many years of training and their goal is to compete at the highest level.

Should I do exercise on free weights or machines?

Free weights and machines both have their own uses, however, with free weights, you can work more muscle in less time. Machines are good if either you are trying to isolate a specific muscle or working on an injury.

If you want to try heavyweights, you should do it with proper form and technique and under proper supervision or you risk injury. In the end, start with machines and gradually shift to free weights once you are confident of your form and technique.

Why Are My Muscles Sore After a Workout?

Soreness results from high force production when an exercise is new or a load is greater than normal. Furthermore, eccentric muscle contractions (in which the muscle lengthens, as when lowering a weight) cause more soreness in the days following the workout than either isometric contractions (in which the muscle does not change length, as when holding a weight) or concentric contractions (in which the muscle shortens, as when lifting a weight).

This soreness in the days after exertion is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). As members adapt to the training load, their muscles will be less sore following a workout.

How often should I work out/lift weights?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a person should exercise 20 to 60 minutes, three to five days a week for health/fitness promotion. Members are often told they should not lift weights on consecutive days, whereas they are encouraged to do cardiovascular exercise as often as they can.

However, in this Guidelines for first Time Gym Goers, we feel there is nothing wrong with lifting weights every day, just as there is nothing wrong with running every day. Muscles do not know the difference between lifting weights or running; the only thing muscles know is how to contract to overcome a resistance. Keep in mind that you should not work for the same muscle groups two days in succession, in order to give the muscles time to recover.

What is a Calorie?

A calorie is a unit of energy. In nutrition, calories refer to the energy people get from the food and drink they consume, and the energy they use in physical activity.

How many Calories is required daily?

According to one estimate, an average man needs 2,700 kcal per day and the average woman needs 2,200 kcal per day. Not everybody needs the same number of calories each day. People have different metabolism that burns energy at different rates, and some people have more active lifestyles than others. Factors affecting your calorie intake are overall general health, physical activity demands, sex, weight, height & body type.

When thinking about calories, you should not be considering just your diet but also your level of physical activity. A high intake of calories can be countered with regular, high-intensity exercise. For the actual caloric requirements, consult the professional dietician.

Should I skip meals to lose weight?

Various types of diets are advised by an expert for fat loss. It is important to choose a diet suitable for your Body type, weight, Gender, Environment, your profession, and whether you are suffering from any ailment.

Generally Skipping meals is not advisable, as long gaps in meals put your body in storage mode by reducing Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR). The best way is to eat 5 to 6 small meals every 3 to 4 hours.

However, proponents of Intermittent fasting suggest short to long-duration fasting for health benefits. Various research supports this kind of lifestyle. However, It is advisable to take professional advice as far as dieting is concerned because it is the most important aspect of fat loss goals.

If I follow a strict diet, will I achieve weight loss faster?

Yes, a strict diet always works, however, a strict diet does not mean starvation or highly restricted caloric intake. Losing weight (Muscle and Fat) is easy but losing only fat is difficult and needs perseverance.

Target Fat Loss – No Weight Loss

Can I lose fat, but eating only fruits?

Fruits are healthy as they are full of vitamins, minerals & fibers; however, they are also loaded with simple sugars like fructose and glucose. It is better to consume them in moderation preferably in the morning or after a workout.

Will eliminating fats from food, help me lose weight?

Some fats are essential for the body to function, moreover, carbohydrate (simple) is the main culprit for excessive weight and not the dietary fats. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy and fats are secondary so in presence of Carbs body would not use fat for energy needs, hence carbs should be controlled, while essential fat should be consumed in moderation.

If I eat heavy dinner, will I Put weight?

It is essential to have light dinner, avoid eating too late (a gap of 2 to 3 hours between your dinner and sleep time) and high carbohydrate meal which can result in fat gain, having a high protein meal is essential.

Salads – Best Dinner Options

Carbohydrate is good or bad?

There are two types of Carbs: simple and complex. Simple Carbs like rice and potato, fast food, white sugar get absorbed into the bloodstream immediately, thus spiking insulin, raised insulin level helps fat storage.

Whereas complex Carbs like fibrous green vegetables, brown rice, sweet potato, whole grains, etc goes into the blood at a much slower rate, thus not allowing spike in insulin.

Should we eat after exercise?

Our Suggestion in this Guidelines for the fist time Gym Goers is that the post-workout meal is very important; various research supports this. The post-workout meal should be taken within 45 minutes of the workout. This meal should consist of simple Carbs and protein, preferably whey protein (fast-digesting protein).

Would I gain weight again if I stop the workout and healthy diet?

Once an endomorph always an endomorph. The metabolism of certain body type (endomorph) is very slow, and they gain weight easily. Hence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important.

What is the best time to work out?

In this Guidelines for first Time Gym Goers, we recommend that one should find a realistic, consistent workout schedule, no matter what the time.

If working out in the morning is best for your schedule, just make sure to warm up muscles that might be cold and tight from sleep. And to keep afternoon workouts consistent, treat them as unbreakable appointments, find a workout buddy, and keep a gym bag in the car or office to minimize excuses.

If I stop strength training, will my muscle convert into fat?

Body fat, which is called adipose tissue, and muscle, made up of proteins, are two completely different things. … Unfortunately, fat and muscle are two different things. One cannot be turned into the other without a miracle. But, it is possible to increase muscle mass, which will help to burn the fat.

Do lifting weights stop height growth?

There is no direct relationship with growth in height and weight lifting. Factors such as good nutrition and hereditary affect the growth of a body.

Is lifting weights safe for kids, at what age they should start lifting?

Yes, Kids can strength train and they can benefit from it. Fitness for kids is important, but it also needs to be age-appropriate, The latest research tells us that strength training is not only NOT dangerous for kids, but it’s also actually good for them if done properly.

Training for kids is only safe and beneficial when its age-appropriate when it’s progressive, and when they’re taught and monitored for correct form. In this Guidelines for first Time Gym Goers, we are sure that the training will boost immunity in your kids. There are different opinions on when kids can lift the weight, but ideally, they can start at the age of 13 or 14.

Should I exercise if I have high blood pressure?

First of all, you need to check with your physician before starting any kind of physical regimen. Any exercise that you can do will help you reduce your blood pressure. Whether it is walking, or rowing, the idea is to keep moving and get your heart pumping. Exercise helps un-stiffen those blood vessels and helps them to dilate and relax. However, people having high blood pressure should avoid high-intensity strength and cardio exercises.

I am a diabetic, would exercise benefit me?

Yes, regular exercise would usually lower your blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity, which means your body’s insulin, works better. Note: You may need an adjustment in your diabetes medication or insulin dose to help prevent the blood sugar from going too low. Ask your health care provider for advice.

I am pregnant, how would exercise benefit me?

You already know that exercise is good for you, but it’s especially beneficial when you’re pregnant. It’s such an important part of a healthy pregnancy that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends at least 20 to 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on most or all days of the week (as long as your doctor hasn’t ruled out exercise or limited your physical activities because of a medical condition or complication).

Regular exercise,  boost your energy, help you sleep better, lower your risk of certain pregnancy-related complications, Reduce pregnancy discomfort, Prepare for childbirth, Reduce stress and lift your spirits, Improve your self-image and get your body back faster after childbirth.

Yoga – Best Option for pregnant women

I am very old, should I lift weights?

Exercise – Best Medicine for Older

You are never too old to lift the weights. There are many benefits of weight lifting such as Improved walking ability, Improved ability to perform daily tasks, decreased risk of falls, relief from joint pain, Improved blood sugar control, etc. However, weight training should be done under proper supervision.

‘Fitness is not about being better than someone else; it’s about being better than you used to be’.

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