Why Water is the Most Essential Nutrient for the Body?

Why Water is the Most Essential Nutrient for the Body?

Water is an essential nutrient for energy production in the body, water is also used for temperature regulation and elimination of waste from the body. It is also very essential for cell processes.  An inadequate level of water in the body can result in a 30% reduction of energy in the body.

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Why Is Water Essential for the Body?

We all know that between 50% to 70% of the body is water, hence insufficient water in the body results in a decrease of blood volume thereby reducing the overall oxygen transport ability of the blood to the muscles during exercise and since blood is used to regulate body temperature,  inadequate cooling of the body occurs

Because of this, the heart rate increases as the cardiovascular system is stressed, and overheating occurs, leading to possible heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  Our body can sustain itself without other nutrients like fats, protein, and carbohydrates for several weeks, however, we can only survive without water for about a weak.

Water is used to emulsify solutions within the body and transport them to various tissues it is also essential in transporting waste and toxins from the body. Thirst is not an accurate measure of when the body requires water. Age and environment alter the thirst mechanism of a person and therefore a quantitative schedule must be utilized to adequately hydrate the body.

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How Much Water We Should Drink?

During the day and specifically two hours prior to exercising in a hot environment. We should also remember to drink a glass of water just 15 minutes before exercising, during exercise about 4 ounces (Approx. 115 grams) of water should be consumed every 15 minutes to replace water lost through sweat and maintain blood volume.

As a guide for each pound of body weight lost through sweating while exercising drink to 2 glasses of water. A loss of only 2% of body weight through sweating can bring on the onset of dehydration adults should drink about two and half quarters of water per day.

What are the Signs of Dehydration?

Early signs of dehydration include dizziness, fatigue, headache, and loss of appetite, whereas signs of serious dehydration are deep yellow urine, abnormally fast pulse, shortness of breath, Blurred vision, and hearing loss.

Cold Water or Warm Water & Sugary Drinks

Coldwater is absorbed into the body from the stomach faster than warm water. Recent studies suggest that a drink containing up to 10% of sugar is almost as readily absorbed from the stomach. These sugary drinks have been shown to improve endurance in events lasting 2 to 3 hours.

However, for fat burning purposes, consumption of sugary drinks will provide carbohydrate energy to the exercising muscles and possibly stave off fat metabolism for use as energy.

Therefore if your goal is performance then consume sports drinks, however, if the purpose of the exercise session is to burn fat than drink water only the glycogen stores in the muscle we run out in about 20 minutes and the body will be forced to metabolize stored fat for continued energy

If we consume excess salt than recommended, our cells lose water thereby impairing cellular function. Heavy Endurance and strength exercises lead to Salt depletion and when consuming only water, salt tablets are not all recommended because they draw water out of the body and into the stomach.

In cold weather urine production is increased therefore it is just as important to properly hydrate in cold weather environments as it is in hot weather.

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How Much Water, Children Should Drink?

It is equally important that children drink plenty of water for good health, however, there is no fixed measurement of the quantity that a child should drink daily. How much water kids need depends on their age, body size, activity, and in what kind of temperature they are living

Nevertheless, kids should drink plenty of water when they are thirsty and parents should ensure that kids drink at least a glass of water every hour. In case the child is sick or in a hot temperature climate and before and during exercise you require more water.

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Importance of Water as Per Yogic Science?

In yogic science also it is recommended that yoga practitioners should drink about ten to twelve glasses of water every day. Water should not be taken at the time of eating according to yogic literature, several skin diseases and disorders are cured if the water is not taken while eating.

Drinking plenty of water is highly recommended in yogic Literature because it is held that water cleans and washes out impurities from the body. Many people do not drink enough water instead of water some people take juices, milk, and some other liquids as a result they develop, many health problems and physical disorders.


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